About the Project

FORINT: Fortalecimiento de la
internacionalización entre las universidades
europeas y latinoamericanas

One of the outcomes of the FORGEC project and of the close cooperation between EFMD, Cuban universities and the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education for the FORGEC project, has been the development of an initiative for strengthening the collaboration between Cuban Universities and their European counterparts.

This proposal, submitted under the Erasmus + call 2016 has been favourably evaluated and the EU selected it for funding.

EFMD formed a consortium of seven Cuban institutions (six universities and the Ministry of Higher Education), two Panamanian universities and five European business schools and Higher Education Institutions to develop strategies for developing international programmes, research and for preparing the institutions for effective academic cooperation between Europe and Latin America.

Starting in October 2016 and with a duration of 3 years, the FORINT project will encompass a large spectrum of activities organised in Europe, Cuba and Panama. Starting by the needs analysis of each Latin American partner, it will organise trainings and workshops, study tours and job shadowing in European HEIs. It will also develop communication material and strategies to develop the exchanges between European and Latin American partners.

Project objectives

  1. Integrate the international dimension in the teaching, research, management and services of Cuban and Panamanian universities;
  2. Create the capacity in the 6 Cuban and the 2 Panamanian institutions to facilitate their internationalisation;
  3. Develop operational links among the higher education institutions in European Union, Cuba and Panama;
  4. Strengthen the capacities to network effectively between Cuban / Panamanian HEIs;
  5. Provide easier access for the European HEIs to Cuba and Panama (visibility, information sessions in conferences, etc.).

Presentation of the project FORINT (in Italian)