China-Europe Business Management Training Programme (BMT)


About the Project

The proposed EU-China Business Management Training Programme aims to develop a sustained capacity to deliver world-class, practice-oriented business management training for Chinese professionals. Through enhancing the managerial capabilities in China, also and especially beyond the already advanced regions of China’s Eastern Provinces, this endeavour will support business to facilitate China’s social and economic reform, and to create lasting relationships between the Chinese and European economies. Ultimately, this programme will be beneficial for the Chinese and European societies at large by building a stronger, mutually beneficial economic base.

This project led by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), together with its partners EFMD, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, IESE Business School and academic and corporate associates, proposes a cohesive set of activities that address issues critical to China’s socio-economic development and to Sino-European relations.

Modern business management training is the core of the project, delivered via a Sino-European partnership and enhanced by exchanges and intellectual discourse. The project includes specific activities providing disadvantaged regions of China with access to world-class management training. The project also promotes interest and understanding of the EU in China, boosting trade and investment interest.


The proposed project consists of the following five major activities:

  1. Establishing a permanent capacity for high-class business management training through the European Chair for Global Governance and Sino-European Business Relations at CEIBS in China, and developing and delivering up-to date business management training through continuous EU-China related research, innovation and practical application.
  2. Developing EU-China joint academic programmes and activities, especially a PhD program, and a new International Teacher Training Programme for Chinese Academics based on proven European models and best practice
  3. Enhancing corporate and academic interactions in Europe and China through a new Certification EU-China Business Development Programme, including an internship component in European multinational firms, in disadvantaged regions in China, and an EU-China Research Fellowship Programme training.
  4. Providing progressively widening access to education through scholarships and exchange programmes for disadvantaged regions and people with poor economic background
  5. Promoting high and sustained visibility and increased understanding of the European Union in China through the organisation of the biennial China-Europe Forum in Shanghai, a quarterly EU Distinguished Lecture Series, and the launch of a China-Europe Online Information Centre.

The guiding values and principles of the design and implementation of the action are:

  • Transfer and contextualisation of high-level, practically-oriented business management knowledge from Europe to China
  • Integrity and respect in the development and application of knowledge and know-how
  • Partnerships and cooperation with European academic and corporate communities
  • Access and opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, groups and regions in China
  • Representation and promotion of the political, economic and cultural presence of Europe as an entity in China

EFMD is associated with the organisation of all the activities of the programme, but is especially in charge of the fifth activity.


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