Lead3.0 Academy

Lead3.0 Academy is an EU funded project which aims at establishing a cooperation between Business and Academia by stimulating the use of Open Education Resources and e-tivities in e-leadership education & training.

The main outcome of the project is a virtual environment composed of two independent, yet connected via a single sign on, online platforms: The Le@d Community and the Le@d Academy, both targeting and addressing corporate and academic trainers:

  • Le@d Community: The project Community of Practice, to be used by trainers for the exchange of best practices, co-creation and storage of OERs on Strategic e-leadership skills.
  • Le@d Academy: The Project Delivery Platform, for the design and use of OERs and e-tivities stored in the Le@d Community and for the online or blended course delivery to Managers and Students.

The project activities

  • Identification of the relevant competencies missing from academic and corporate trainers. A consequent gap-analysis offered the base to develop learning programs for the teaching of soft skills through Web3.0 and OER.
  • Shape, deployment and testing of an open virtual environment and an educational toolkit to enable the building and delivery of learning programs by trainers who teach soft e-leadership skills.
  • Set up of a learning Community of Practice (CoP) for trainers, to use and develop OERs for the soft e-skills education.

The project figures

  • 2093 participants (managers, students and trainers) from 6 countries have been involved in the survey investigating the e-leadership skill needs and gaps
  • 107 corporate and academic trainers from 6 countries involved in the Capacity building program via the Le@d Community
  • 18 pilot courses on strategic e-leadership skills created and piloted via the Le@d Academy
  • 131 trainees (47 managers and 91 students) involved in the delivery of the pilot courses via the Le@d Academy

The involvement in the project activities of multiple adult education actors from Academia and Business, including EFMD, contributed to engaging a wide range of beneficiaries and stakeholders and creating a dynamic-international learning platform and community of practice.

EFMD is leading the activities related to the quality control of the project outputs including the training contents, learning environments and tools and their consistency with the end-users’ needs.