Winter School Scholarship Application


EFMD and HUMANE are pleased to announce the availability of two scholarships
for outstanding individuals to attend the 2017 edition of the Winter School of
senior managers from universities and business schools.

The two scholarships are of the amount of 1.500 € and come
as a reduction of the Winter School fees (3.625 €).

They are available for applicants from EFMD and HUMANE member institutions.


Applicant profile

The Winter School Steering Committee (SC) is seeking highly motivated and highly qualified senior managers who wish to apply to the Winter School and to the scholarship scheme.

We are looking for outstanding applicants who have the drive and ambition to move up in the profession and are working towards reaching the top administrative level in the university/business school administration (i.e. university head of administration, secretary-general, or business school administrative director).

We are looking for senior managers who are prepared to engage significantly in the Winter School during and after the 2017 edition and can commit to its development and promotion in the next few years in their university and their own country.

Scholarship Application

If you are interested in applying for the Winter School scholarship, please send a two-page letter to the SC responding on the following:

  1. Could you explain the precise stage in your career and your professional circumstances which would justify the SC allocating one of the scholarships to you.
  2. The Winter School SC is looking for exceptional achievements in particularly complex and challenging environments (e.g. in universities from national HE systems particularly affected by the current crisis; difficult organisational changes, etc.). Can you outline your particular achievements in such contexts.
  3. The SC is particularly interested in successful achievements in newly emerging areas of importance in higher education. What are the areas where you can contribute?
  4. We are willing to invest in individuals who can bring significant value to the Winter School and contribute in the coming years (e.g. help us give wider visibility to the Winter School in some countries where we traditionally recruit less and in new types of HEIs. How could you help?)

Your letter referred to as “Scholarship application” should be uploaded on the EFMD website together with your application form and related documentation.

Please upload your application on the Winter School webpage.

The SC will make the selection of Winter School and scholarship applicants at its meeting end November by which time all successful candidates will be notified.