MIRRIS: Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems


About the Project

MIRRIS is a three-year project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme’s Coordination and Support action.

It aims at encouraging a better exploitation of European research and innovation programmes and the participation in the European Research Area of thirteen target countries by setting up a process of analysis, dialogue and mutual learning among key concerned stakeholders, namely research, innovation and institutional actors.

Project Content and Methodology
Europe as a whole must advance significantly in research and innovation performances in order to make the EU the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy, as foreseen in the Europe 2020 strategy. There are countries that are particularly legging behind in the effectiveness of exploiting EU funded programmes in the field of Research, Development and Innovation. The obstacles can be sought among local conditions, resources and assets faceting a specific system.

To analyse and tackle this issue, MIRRIS  focuses on 13 target countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

In order to allow these countries to better exploit the European research and innovation programmes, MIRRIS sets up an extensive policy learning exercise to identify barriers and to point out how innovation systems can better address the participation in the European research area. Through a process of policy dialogues the project attempts to understand how innovation systems can better address the participation in the European research and innovation area and enable innovation, competitiveness and openness. To serve this purpose the consortium builds on the engagement of a network of key players within Research, Development and Innovation and co-ordinates contributions based on a multilevel approach: ranging from policy makers down to implementation bodies and operational actors.

More in details, MIRRIS co-ordinates a process of analysis, dialogue, learning and outreach based on:

  • Sharing the general conceptual framework and creating a common base of understanding
  • Involvement of key actors to identify performances, gaps, needs, common patterns and relevant practices in Europe via dialogue and desk research
  • Engagement of stakeholders to deepen analysis, validate findings and shape lessons based on gaps identified in the target countries for a more efficient exploitation
  • Contribution of peers to foster implementation of preliminary selected actions through coaching
  • Reaching out a wider audience of key players and rising awareness on institutional reforms and change using events, web channels, social networks

The project foresees the organisation of three rounds of policy dialogues in each country involving relevant stakeholders from three levels: decision makers, implementation institutions and operational structures. Through sharing, discussing and enriching findings among relevant stakeholders, policy recommendations for institutional reform will be shaped and actions for the implementation validated for a successful uptake.

The MIRRIS Partnership

EFMD is associated to all project activities, but its particular role is to identify relevant stakeholders among its members and partners who can play a part in the policy dialogues as well as to contribute to the organisation of these dialogues.
For more information please visit the project website: http://www.mirris.eu