The Sustainable Business

If you would like to order printed copies for your business school or company you can order copies directly from Greenleaf Publishing.

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logo_pdf The Sustainable Business logo_pdf Workbook 1:
Waste Elimination
logo_pdf Workbook 2:
Resource-Life Extension

The Sustainable Business books are also available in Chinese.

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logo_pdf The Sustainable Business (Chinese) logo_pdf Workbook 1:
Waste Elimination (Chinese)
logo_pdf Workbook 2:
Resource-Life Extension (Chinese)

In partnership with the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability (CIPS), GSE Research, the Product-Life Institute and Greenleaf Publishing, EFMD is proud to announce the publication of The Sustainable Business: Resource-Life Extension, the newest addition to its portfolio of sustainability based education and training materials.

Available as a free download for businesses and business schools, this latest volume of application exercises is the second workbook in the series and is designed to walk participants through the beginning stages of resource-life extension, the foundation on which circular economics, cradle-back-to-the-cradle, closed-loop production and similar resource-recapture concepts are based.

Measurable results are a certainty and any organisation that earnestly undertakes the exercises can expect to reap significant financial benefits.

EFMD offers this workbook in conjunction with The Sustainable Business and The Sustainable Business Workbook: Waste Elimination. These books are now being used as workplace training guides in a number of businesses and they can be easily put to use as a post-graduate business school elective that blends theory with application.

Does your sustainability program deliver financial results for its participants? Or are you still overemphasising ‘going green’ (which only covers a fraction of the sustainability spectrum) and recycling (the most wasteful and expensive of the closed loop options) as a means of proving your sustainability credentials? Sustainable development is reliant on co-operative networking, ongoing education and measurement. If your business or business school would like to administer the sustainability workbook programme and join its growing network, please contact Jonathan T. Scott through his LinkedIn profile.

"The United Nations (UN) has set a goal of becoming climate neutral and environmentally sustainable. We call this initiative ‘Greening the Blue’. We heard about the Sustainable Business programme, downloaded the materials from the EFMD website, and asked Jonathan Scott and Walter Stahel to conduct a training session for UNFPA staff at UN City in Copenhagen, where 42 UNFPA staff members had the opportunity to learn about the principles of sustainability and how waste reduction and circular economics (resource-life extension) helps our suppliers while at the same time achieving the goals of the UN. As an introductory text, The Sustainable Business offers us real examples from well-known companies and emphasises the financial benefits of being sustainable. And the attractiveness of the workbook programme lies in its self-implementation methodology and a results-orientated focus on efficiency and profitability for our suppliers."
Morten Sorensen, Deputy Chief, Procurement Service Branch, United Nations Population Fund

"The Sustainable Business’ is the operational guide for the sustainable development of our company, not least because it summarises the abstract concept of ‘sustainable development’ into two forms of application – waste elimination and resource-life extension – and lays out a clear path to their achievement."
Mahindra Tractor Co Ltd, Yancheng Economic Development Zone, Yancheng, China

"The Jiangsu Yueda Group is one of China's key state-owned enterprises.  We came upon 'The Sustainable Business' book and workbooks, met with the authors (who conducted a seminar with us), and have now recommended that these materials be used as a practical action-guide in our company and its subsidiaries.  Clearly, eliminating waste and extending the profit-life of resources are the core components of how business must be conducted in the future.  'The Sustainable Business' is a great source of significant value, both practical and profound and worthy of reading in every business and industrial zone that wants to increase its chances of profitability in a world that continuously faces many challenges."
Judy Yong Shao, Vice Chairman and President, Yueda Group; Deputy, 11th National Party Congress, People's Republic of China