EFMD 2012 Roundtable at the European Business Summit

EFMD is engaged in a discussion with the European Commission to demonstrate the importance and the value of management research and management education – the notion of management covering the whole spectrum from operational capabilities to leadership competencies and entrepreneurship. EU funding instruments are essentially directed towards hard sciences and technology. Management as a social technology is almost non-existent in the EU programmes and is underestimated in its importance for the value creation process.

At the European Business Summit in April 2012, EFMD organised a roundtable on this subject with the theme “Management Skills for Growth” in line with the overall EBS theme “Skills for Growth” This invitation-only event took place on Thursday, the 26th April 2012 with around 30 participants, including senior policy makers and leaders from Business Schools and Businesses.

The opening statements of this roundtable were given by (in sequence):
  • Mr. Adrain Wooldridge, Management Editor, the Economist
    Management's role in value creation: are we carrying our weight in Europe? (moving beyond the 3% obsession)

  • Professor Santiago Iniguez, Dean, IE Business School
    Why the discipline of Management can make a difference for growth and what it means for management education and research

  • Dr. Alexander Von Gabain, Chairman of the Governing Board, European Institute of Innovation and Technology
    Embedding Entrepreneurship in European Programs. The example of the EIT
Dr. Richard Straub, Director of EFMD EU Affairs and Corporate Services, chaired and facilitated the discussion at the roundtable. At the session, the following topics were addressed:
  • Management skills and competencies as the blind spot in the European Programmes?
  • How important are management skills and how they can translate research into value?

EFMD blog entry at blogactiv, June 2012.