EU Cooperation

European Affairs

EFMD, as a sector-wide representative, seeks to stimulate a broad debate on issues related to management development and to increase awareness of the importance of management and leadership for the performance of the industry. Through the EU Affairs Unit, EFMD aims at influencing the European Agenda putting forward management education and development issues. To enhance its visibility vis-à-vis the EU institutions, the EFMD EU Affairs Unit has the following tasks:

  • Organising activities in cooperation with the EU institutions, such as seminars, hearings and working groups;
  • Participating in conferences and other activities organized by the EU institutions;
  • Inviting EU officials to EFMD activities;
  • Coordinating the participation of EFMD executives in EU activities;
  • Submitting contributions/notes/documents which are of interest for the EU and which mirror EFMD mission and scope;
  • Enlarging the EFMD network of contacts/key allies in the EU institutions;
  • Strengthening EFMD relations with other EU-based associations and think thanks;
  • Circulating internally relevant information on EU activities of EFMD interest;
  • Contributing to EFMD publications and newsletter;
  • Organising in house information/training seminars on EU issues.

International Projects

EFMD also answers EU calls for tenders/calls for proposals and promotes joint initiatives in higher education. EFMD partners with members to create international consortia in line with the EFMD mission of "acting as a catalyst to promote and enhance excellence in management development in Europe and worldwide. EFMD has over 30 years of experience in the coordination of projects and activities that foster an active dialogue and exchange between companies and academic institutions in and beyond Europe.