EFMD Advisory Services

EFMD Advisory Services assist members in the continuous quality improvement of their programmes, activities and governance.

As the market for business education has become more competitive, there is an increasing need for quality improvement and assurance. This is not only true for European schools and corporate universities, but it is noticeable that there is increased attention from schools and corporations outside of Europe to see how the European reforms affect them and how they can benefit from it.

EFMD Advisory Services provides two types of services:

1. Advisory Services

2. Strategic Institutional Advisory Services

One-day meetings organised at the EFMD head office in Brussels, Belgium that brings together a maximum of 20 delegates of business schools and corporate members with the purpose of providing:

  • Information and knowledge on general quality issues as well as specific information on selected topics
  • A platform for learning from each other and networking
A typical meeting will have the following format:
  • Get-together dinner on the evening prior to the seminar
  • Next day:
    • Introduction by the moderator
    • General introduction from EFMD representative
    • Examples of good practice
    • Networking lunch
    • Case(s) analysis and Discussion
Seminars are interactive and include the intervention of an expert and presentation of a recent case study. As the seminars are limited to a maximum of 20 participants, the opportunity to share ideas, best practices and learn from colleagues and speakers is a key component to the seminar design.

Upcoming seminars will be held at the EFMD head office in Brussels, on the themes set out here.

Requests for tailored advisory services may arise from the general need of a school’s management to design a successful and distinctive competitive strategy, or from a specific need, for example, to internationalise.

To accommodate the increasing demand for individual advice, EFMD acts as an intermediary to help schools get the right advisor. This EFMD service will consist of the following elements:

  • Work with schools to define the advisory trajectory
  • Select a suitable advisor
  • Monitor the quality and feedback to the parties involved
EFMD receives no fees for this service to its members. The fees for the advisor should range between 1.000 and 2.000 Euro per day and are set by the institution and the advisor.