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EFMD Symposium on Public Management

Hosted by: EFMD

The event will start on: 29 Nov 11 08:00
And will end on: 30 Nov 11 19:00

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Less money + higher demands + shorter time
A survival game for public managers or a fine opportunity for making Good Public Management ?

EFMD is a global, membership driven organization, based in Brussels. As the largest international network association in the field of management development, the EFMD network includes over 760 institutional members and reaches over 20,000 management development professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 80 countries worldwide.

EFMD focuses on management development, talent and organisational development in private as well as public organisations. The prime activity for the public sector community is an annual EFMD Conference for Management Development in the public sector where academics and practitioners meet, share knowledge and debate issues and trends. The next EFMD Conference on Management Development in the Public Sector (PS) is planned for 2012.

EFMD is now opening up to all Public Managers and Leaders to create useful dialogues that can help clarify the nature of challenges and provide knowledge and insight in ways to act.  For the first time, EFMD holds a symposium to focus on ways to handle the many dilemmas Public Managers and Leaders are faced with.

The PS Symposium offers a strong opportunity for you to add value to your own efforts – and to add value to the other participants’ efforts as well.

The PS Symposium will provide you with a setting conducive to personal participation, commitment and reflection. Bring it, experience it and take it home. The desired outcome is for participants to gain fresh insight, to see their dilemmas in clearer perspectives and to feel more ready to tackle the challenges.

WHO is the PS Symposium for
We have two groups in mind. 1) Those who have HR-oriented functions in public sector organisations or public services, 2) All managers and leaders in public organisations who carry the burden of having to do more with less - and quicker, too.

Generally, the PS Symposium is intended for the curious, the thoughtful and the affected who seek a haven for fruitful and constructive doubt, questions, ideas, in a network of diversity. Experience is seen as an asset not as a liability.

HOW - Programme outline
The PS Symposium provides a frame for you to explore, peel, imagine, propose, think aloud to the open minds around you and to receive reactions, answers and new questions in reply. A form of dialogue you might say.

Top academics will be present for two reasons. They will provide short framing questions and they will give brief answers – and they will be clear on what we don’t know yet. But you are the main source of wisdom together with everybody else there.

You will spend most of the time in groups where you can exercise your contribution and harvest your yield..

Day 1 gives you the opportunity to analyse the issues of your concern through several phases of investigation. With the other participants, you will seek a deeper understanding. The quest is for more clarity on conditions and dilemmas in the Public Sector as you are part of it. On Day 2 we take the next step on the basis of results from Day 1 and aim for in-depth scrutiny of the issues.

Throughout the symposium, experienced facilitators will be at hand to support and inspire you.

We do not promise to solve the challenges you are faced with. But we do promise you will have a fine opportunity to gain new knowledge, insight, inspiration and perspective. It should provide you with a wider platform from which to attack the challenges back home.

The EFMD Public Sector Management Development Network welcomes you to take part in a professional initiative, a Symposium on Public Management.

Where and when
The PS Symposium
at the headquarters of the EFMD
Rue Gachard 88, B-1050 Brussels
It begins at noon 12.00 on 29th November 2011 and lasts until 14:30 on 30 November 2011.

More information


Tuesday, 29 November 2011
12:00 Arrival at EFMD
12:30 Welcome and Introduction by EFMD PS Management Development Network
13:15 Lunch
14:00 Statement 1 or first themes to be investigated by Carsten Greve, Copenhagen Business School
14:05 Investigation 1 – getting to the pertinent questions by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
15:15 Questions 1 – groups present the questions they found by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
16:00 Statement 2 – by Carsten Greve, Copenhagen Business School
16:05 Investigation 2 – which better questions about the themes can we find? by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
17:00 Questions 2 – groups present the questions as they see them now by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
18:00 Investigation 3 – first attempt to address the questions
18:50 Statement 3 – by Carsten Greve, Copenhagen Business School
19:00 Individual reflection
19:20 Presentation by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
19:45 Dinner


Wednesday, 30 November 2011
08:30 Rear view mirror by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
08:50 Themes for the day to be investigated by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
09:00 Statement 4  - by Paul Joyce, Liverpool Business School
09:05 Themes for the day to be investigated by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
11:45 Clarities – what distillations have we produced? by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
12:40 Sizing up the outcomes by Hans Schiønnemann, CTG/S
13:00 The EFMD PS Management Development Network and yourself
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Farewel

Practical information


Rue Gachard 88, Box 3
1050 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 629.08.10
Fax: + 32 (0)2.629.08.11

Registration feesTop

€289.00 (€238.84 + 21% VAT)


access efmd


Four Points by Sheraton
Rue Paul Spaak 15
1050 Brussels
Rates: 150,00 € (single room)

The accommodation can be booked when registering to the event.