Sharing Best Practice CLIP Workshop

Hosted by: Siemens AG, Feldafing, Munich, Germany

The event will start on: 06 Oct 11 18:00

And will end on: 07 Oct 11 15:00

At Munich, Germany

Munich , Munich

Contact: http://www.siemens.com    shanshan.ge@efmd.org


The Corporate Learning Function as a Force of Innovation and Changes.

Target Group
This workshop is by invitation only and is dedicated to corporate learning and corporate HR practitioners from companies. Priority will be offered to EFMD members companies.

Event Venue
The entire event will take place at:
Siemens AG, Global Leadership Center
Siemens Str.20
82340 Feldafing
Tel: +49-8157-39-0
Fax: +49-8157-39-450

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Thursday, 6 October 2011
20:00 Networking dinner

Friday, 7 October 2011
8:30 Start of Workshop
17:00 End of Workshop

Companies today are confronted with an unprecedented pace of change in their environments. This requires continuous organizational learning and adaptation of outdated strategies, processes, or structures. At the same time, successful innovation allows trend-setting companies to reap enormous benefits.

However, although change has in many businesses become the only constant, many employees and even many leaders still perceive it more as a threat than as an opportunity. That’s why the Corporate Learning Function has an important role to play as a force of innovation and change inside the company, both on the individual and on the organizational level. On the individual level, the learning function can enable change by imparting concrete new competencies or skills, but also more abstractly by conveying a learner’s mindset. On the organizational level, the learning function can act as a two-way channel for dialogue on needed changes between the different levels of the organization.

How the learning function has to be designed as a role model to fulfill this catalyst role? Our host Siemens AG has innovation as one of its core values and a pioneering spirit at the heart of its vision. It will show what its corporate learning organization is doing to deal with these aspirations in the fields of both, leadership development (Siemens Leadership Excellence), and business learning (Learning Campus). Openness to change can be shown by deploying innovative didactic approaches and learning technologies. Proximity to the business allows the learning function to be a partner in building new strategic competencies and in identifying needs for change at an early stage.

Highlight of the Day

  • The workshop will be led by Achim Wolter, Chief Operating Officer, Siemens Leadership Excellence. The Siemens view on Innovation and Leadership will be shared by Nicolas von Rosty, Head of Corporate Executive Development.
  • Special Guest speaker: Martin Kupp, Faculty Professional, ESMT (European School of Management and Technology) and Head of Practice Group Technology-Based Industries, ESMT Customized Solutions.  Martin’s research focuses on strategic innovation and the relationship between arts and business.
  • As the  day will be about innovation, EFMD and Siemens have also chosen to add new innovative elements to the day. In the afternoon, participants are hence invited to participate in a creative workshop specially put in place by the Siemens corporate learning team.

Practical Information

How to get there
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