EiP 2015 Webinar – Syngenta & INSEAD

Hosted by: EFMD

The event will start on: 15 Jan 16 17:00
And will end on: 15 Jan 16 18:30

Location: web-based,

From 12:00pm to 13:30pm CET (Paris time).
If not familiar with Webex, please make sure you connect 15 minutes prior to the session.

Global Challenges – Global Solutions: The Syngenta-INSEAD Partnership for Marketing and Sales Excellence

Over ten years Syngenta, one of the world’s largest agribusiness companies, and INSEAD, the original international business school, have partnered to raise Syngenta’s global performance in marketing and sales.

Beginning with the Academy in 2005, the partners have stimulated a more integrated sales and marketing mindset within Syngenta, which has in turn led to a whole new customer-focused thinking… and successfully completed projects worldwide. The success of the Academy rests on its innovative simulation of “Valuland”, a fictional Syngenta country market, as well as the definition of a real-life project and associated key performance indicators for each participant.

Following on from the achievements of the Academy, Syngenta approached INSEAD to co-create a second programme that would help implement a strategic shift –away from products to “customer solutions’ and true marketing-led innovation. The result was the Excellerator, which takes country teams – comprised of Academy graduates and colleagues – beyond simulation to real-life, real-time innovation. Over two modules and more than three months, the participants must devise a customer solution, which they finally pitch to Syngenta leaders to obtain funding. For years and twenty Excellerators later, there are several solutions in the pipeline and two already on the market.

Both programmes have been, and continue to be, the cornerstone to a far-reaching transformation in the commercial capabilities of Syngenta created through the partnership with INSEAD. Moreover, the impact of this partnership extends beyond business to farmers and consumers, enabling the world to grow more food of higher quality with fewer resources through simpler and better solutions.

The moral of these success stories is that the impact of executive education is not limited just to business. Sometimes it extends to global challenges as well !

Come and join this webinar to hear more about this learning experience.

Following reading are available prior to the webinar: Global Focus article.

EIP gold2015-LR-newSyngenta and INSEAD were granted the Silver Award in the EFMD Excellence in Practice Award 2015 in the category of ‘Professionnal Development’.  


This session will be moderated by Jan Ginneberge.

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