Creating Competitive Advantage with Pedagogical Innovation

Hosted by: EFMD

The event will start on: 08 Feb 11 08:00

And will end on: 08 Feb 11 16:00


Rue Gachard 88 , Brussels

Contact:    robin.hartley@efmd.org



Pedagogy often appears to be the orphan child of business school management. Programme management teams have a tendency of fostering pedagogical innovation with changes in programme structure (e.g. adding elements of action learning), but otherwise leave the selection of pedagogical methods to individual faculty members. They frequently even fail to monitor which pedagogical methods are applied in the classroom and how they contribute to the achievement of intended learning outcomes. Business schools typically fail to supply sufficient resources to the pedagogical training of faculty members or the development of new pedagogical techniques. They pride themselves to maintain advanced e-learning platforms, which are however largely used as mere document servers to distribute teaching materials to students.

The seminar will address these vital issues for programme performance and will give participants the opportunity to learn from first-best practices applied at leading business schools. Contributions from expert speakers will enable participants to reflect on how state-of-the-art pedagogy can be introduced at their institutions, while the interaction with other participants will help to create awareness for common implementation hurdles


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