Current Projects

Technology Enhanced Learning

pro-vip visir  
PRO-VIP: Promoting and Supporting Virtual Placements VISIR: Recommendations on how ICT can help lifelong learning  


open innovation network mirris  
OI-Net: European Academic Network for Open Innovation MIRRIS: Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems  

International Co-operation

tne-qa afrebs  
TNE_QA: Promoting quality and recognition of transnational education in Armenia and Georgia Afrebs: Building Africa’s management potential through relevant and excellent education  
etp forgec iris
ETP Japan and Korea: Providing European companies with business, language and cultural training necessary to succeed in the Japanese and Korean markets FORGEC: Strengthening Managerial Capabilities in Cuban entities. IRIS: Fostering academic international relations in Israeli colleges


SLIM: Stimulating Learning for Idea-to-Market