What is the value proposition of SLR?


  • An assessment of the Learning Organisation’s effectiveness and relevance in delivering on its strategic remit
  • Identification of major dysfunctions, disconnects, misalignments or missing elements in the construction of the Learning Organisation.
  • Bringing to light the perceptions of major stakeholders within the company
  • Outside-in challenge: the visiting experts bring an external view with a constructively critical perspective
  • A sounding board providing an opportunity to test ideas and share concerns with experienced professionals in the field of corporate learning
  • A checkpoint for the Learning Organisation team to concentrate minds and build commitment to future development
  • An opportunity to reinforce the buy-in of major stakeholders in the company.


The SLR Report
A five- to ten-page report will be sent to the company within one month following the visit.

The report will set out the findings and conclusions of the review visit:

  • An assessment of each of the six areas highlighting the strong points and the shortcomings observed.
  • An overall assessment of the coherence of the six areas as a functioning system. The emphasis will be on the fit between the different parts of the system and the overall alignment with the strategic agenda of the company at large.
  • The report will seek to clarify issues, to target problem areas, to raise awareness of the crucial challenges for the future
  • Where appropriate the report may make specific recommendations for future development

Optional Follow Up

  • Consulting Service with one of the EFMD certified experts
  • Possible application for CLIP accreditation