Latest News from CEL

The CEL Awarding Body has recently awarded CEL accreditation to the MBA programme at Curtin University of Technology, Graduate School of Business, Australia and the Executive Master in Business Administration & Undergraduate Course in Process Management at FGV Online and EBAPE - Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration.

What is CEL?

The quality of both the products and programs in the field of ICT-based learning vary widely and there is still lacking a concept of quality improvement which is theoretically sound and at the same time meeting the expectations of practice.

The fundamental objective of the EFMD CEL programme is to raise the standard of technology-enhanced learning programmes worldwide. EFMD CEL aims to facilitate standard setting, benchmarking, mutual learning, and the dissemination of good practice. It allows for different approaches and diversity in designing and implementing such programmes. EFMD CEL is directed towards educational management programmes incorporating ICT-based learning.

The Executive Office for EFMD CEL is located at the -

Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning (SCIL)
University of St. Gallen
Dufourstr 40a
St. Gallen

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