EFMD and NVAO Sign International Collaborative Agreement

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Today, EFMD Director General & CEO, Eric Cornuel, signed in Brussels a collaborative agreement with NVAO Board Member, Paul Zevenbergen, to join the accreditation processes of both organisations.

DSC1218For Dutch and Flemish higher education institutions, the collaboration between NVAO and EFMD means less red tape and a more efficient accreditation process. All the assessment processes and procedures that are required to have institutions and programmes accredited by both EFMD and NVAO can now be completed in one procedure. Joint accreditation will provide the Dutch and Flemish institutions that currently hold one of EFMD’s accreditations (EQUIS/EPAS) with a streamlined process to include NVAO accreditation.

"With over 840 members from 83 countries, EFMD has always fostered excellence in management development globally. I am pleased to see that the quality and international perspective that the EQUIS and EPAS accreditation systems bring, will benefit Dutch and Flemish institutions through a streamlined process. I very much look forward to more such synergies being established with local accreditation bodies around the world", says Eric Cornuel, Director General & CEO, EFMD.

DSC1223Paul Zevenbergen, NVAO Board Member said: “We can now take all the requirements of the professions and the sector into consideration in our accreditation process. This makes it much easier for business schools, economic programmes and management development professionals to obtain not just our accreditation but that of the professional organisations AACSB and EFMD as well. That is why we were happy to get in touch with these two organisations in order to interlace our procedures, without affecting our responsibilities and without lowering standards.”

EFMD welcomes this development and looks forward to more collabotations and synergies being created between EFMD international accreditation systems and local accreditation bodies.