Developing Opportunities and Talent for Growth: The 2017 EFMD Middle East and Africa Conference

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Guest post by Dr Charlene Lew, Senior Lecturer, Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa

Two distinct world regions, Africa and the Middle East, present tremendous growth opportunities despite unique challenges in each of the diverse countries that these regions represent. Much of the growth potential still needs to be unlocked. Business schools in these territories have increasing responsibility to grow leaders, influence communities, shape society and generally put businesses on a path to create sustainable value not only for themselves but also for the countries in which they operate. The influence that business schools can exercise in creating wisdom and wealth should no longer be undervalued. It has become high time to consider how business schools should shift their own identities and actions to better develop opportunities and talent for growth.

When the Deans and Directors of business schools across the Middle East and Africa come together in November at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg, this will present a forum for an extraordinary combination of different perspectives and multiple insights on how to unleash the opportunities to grow. Instead of a far too often internal perspective, this conference will look beyond the hallways of business schools to better understand the changing context represented by these vast regions. Only then will the leaders look inwards again to ask how business schools should respond to these changes. Hearing from leaders not only from within the business schools, but also those that represent business across these regions, participants will have great opportunities to think about questions such as ‘How does one thrive against all odds?’, ‘What do opportunities and talent mean for you?’, ‘What is the nature of the geopolitical and economic shifts in these regions, and how do corporates deal with these shifts?’, ‘What is disrupting society and business schools, and how do business schools effectively respond to these disruptions?’, and finally, ‘How can business school leaders raise the dynamic capabilities within business schools?’

By jointly answering these questions, the leaders will develop higher levels of insights on how to approach the next five years, and with that strengthen their networks across the regions. This conference takes place in Johannesburg, where GIBS (the business school of the University of Pretoria and member of EFMD) will host the conference, standing behind its mission to significantly improve responsible individual and organisational performance, primarily in South Africa and increasingly in the broader African environment, through high quality business and management education. Representing a young business school that is internationally accredited and ranks well on global benchmarks for providers of executive education, the school has become known amongst its peers and the business community for high standards of applicable knowledge through academic and executive education programmes, but also through its innovative centres such as the Centre for Dynamic Markets that focuses on becoming a world authority on research and knowledge on the political economy, institutions and factors that make up dynamic markets, and the Entrepreneurship Development Academy that makes business education accessible to start-up, micro and small business entrepreneurs. Furthermore, several activities across the school, such as the work of the GIBS Ethics and Governance Think Tank, encourage dialogue among business, government and civil society.

Once again EFMD will present this unique forum that will strengthen learning, research, network, debate and innovation in a way that will bolster the business schools’ capacity to bring change.

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