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With more than 100 corporate members from international companies, public organizations, consultancies and executive development centers, EFMD provides its members with a unique forum for networking, information-sharing and linking to latest research.
Best practices and innovation of the Learning & Development functions are at the core of EFMD corporate services, be it Management Development, Professional, Talent and Organisational Development.

EFMD offers a range of activities specifically designed for its corporate members at different levels:
  • As an enabler, EFMD connects its members and encourages informal sharing of experiences and expertise;
  • As a facilitator, EFMD makes knowledge explicit and ready to be shared to a larger audience of professionals during workshops and seminars; and
  • As a driver, EFMD systemises corporate learning and development knowledge in applied research and reports.
At the core of EFMD's unique capabilities is its accreditation of Corporate Learning Organisations through the CLIP process.

Accreditation of Corporate Learning Organisations

EFMD helps its members to enhance their Corporate Learning Organisation performance, through the Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP). CLIP is a strategic peer review tool for corporate universities, learning centres and academies, but moreover a vibrant learning community of corporate learning officers (CLOs) dedicating time for benchmarking and sharing of best practices. So far, 19 Corporate Learning Organisations have successfully gone through a review and related improvement process and were accredited the "CLIP" quality label.

Professional Development and Networking

EFMD enables members to connect with peers in a very informal and trusted environment.
Members choose to become part of the wider Community of Corporate Learning Professionals as a source and continuous flow of information on corporate learning and development. This supports their personal development as well as the organisational learning processes.
EFMD acts as an information broker connecting individuals with similar interests and also provides connections with learning suppliers when requested.
Specific communities such as the CLIP accredited companies and its CLO Community as well as topic-based Special Interest Groups (SIG) are also supported and facilitated by EFMD with focus on shared business issues and related learning & development solutions.

Sharing and Exchanging Experiences and Expertise

EFMD organises and facilitates events which are tailored to suit our different members' needs.
  • Sharing-Best-Practice CLIP workshops
    Led by representatives of the EFMD CLO community, HR and learning & development professionals meet twice a year to work in depth on the key challenges modern corporate learning functions are facing. The CLIP accredited companies share their experience with complementary inputs supported by other CLOs and/or Business Schools. These events are designed for senior corporate HR and learning & development practitioners from the EFMD network and selected invited guests. As an interactive forum, this community of practitioners can be of great value for your company.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIG)
    As highly focused problem-driven learning groups, SIGs allow members to mobilize the collective intelligence of the Learning & Development community to build solutions to common challenges. Based on a "problem centric" collaborative approach, a temporary community tackles a set of agreed specific shared challenges, with the support of high level experts to facilitate and a prime peer to identify initial challenges and scope.
  • Corporate Advisory Seminars (CAS)
    These seminars are usually run as a co-operation of our consultancy and Executve Development Center members and their corporate clients and partners. Expertise and practices are examined by an audience of executive education and corporate learning professionals from our Business Schools, Companies and Consultancy members.

Knowledge and Information Services

As a common platform for Corporations and Business Schools, EFMD works with its Business School members to engage in research and to use the CLIP process and the wider Learning Peer-Network as a forum for dialogue on current and future research focus and gaps in the areas of Corporate Learning and Human Resource Development.
A recent applied research report was published in September 2008. It drew on the experiences, knowledge and practices from 12 CLIP reviews and offered an inside view on how to achieve the gold standard in corporate learning.

By organising its "Excellence in Practice Award", EFMD invites members to submit case studies describing an effective and innovative partnership between a company and a management development provider. Papers are short-listed by a committee, the three finalists present their cases at the EFMD Annual Conference and their case studies are published in the EFMD Global Focus magazine as well as in international media.

EFMD also provides access to knowledge and information on management education from a wide range of sources. This is summarised in the regular EFMD E-News and the EFMD business magazine Global Focus as well as the corporate webzine informing on upcoming activities and interesting opportunities within and outside the network.

EFMD also offers privileged access to conferences and seminars, such as the "Benchmarking for Business" conferences, gathering speakers with ground-breaking thinking.

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