What it covers

Entrepreneurs and SMEs are key to European growth and competitiveness. They are the biggest source of new jobs and related growth. EFMD supports the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture through education for students and entrepreneurs.

Main outcomes

  • Ideas-to-Market eCourse for SMEs
  • Ideas to Market Case Studies
  • Acquiring e-Leadership Skills: Fostering the Digital Transformation of Europe (publication)
  • eLeadership Skills for SMEs (report)
  • eLearning in Entrepreneurship (online courses)
  • The Working Partnership: SMEs and Biodiversity (publication)
  • Best Practices and Pedagogical Methods in Quality Assurance of Entrepreneurship Education in Europe (report)
  • How Higher Education Institutions in Europe Deal with the Quality Assurance of their Entrepreneurship Programmes (case studies)
  • Quality Assurance of Entrepreneurship Education (referential)


Promoting the development of eLeadership skills and qualifications for entrepreneurs, managers, SMEs, and start-ups

Stimulating entrepreneurial activities of students in higher education
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