Network Publications

newstandards managingpeople historyukbusiness
logo_pdf New Standards for Long-Term Business Survival Managing People and Organizations: Peter Drucker's Legacy The History of UK Business and Management Education
sustainablebusiness leadingchina efmdresearch
logo_pdf The Sustainable Business Leading China’s Future, Future Chinese Leaders EFMD Research Report Series - The Bologna Process: Student Plans and Perceptions
exel effectivemergers corporateuniversity
logo_pdf eXel- eXploring e-Learning logo_pdf Effective Mergers and Acquisitions - EFMD Learning Group 2000 logo_pdf The Corporate University Challenge: Corporate competitiveness, learning and knowledge
roimanagement experiencee-learning  
logo_pdf ROI of Management Training and Development - An innovative approach to measurement logo_pdf Experience e-learning.
An online learning expedition.
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