CEL Fee Structure

Initial Accreditation for One Programme

  • Initial Payment
    € 4,000 - due 30 days after the Application Data Sheet has been approved by the EFMD CEL Executive Office for presentation to the EFMD CEL Supervisory Board for the eligibility decision.

  • Main Payment
    € 10,000 - due 30 days after the Self-Assessment Report is sent to the EFMD CEL Executive Office.

  • Final Payment
    € 4,000 - due one week after the EFMD CEL Awarding Body’s decision.

Bundle Option

A bundle option price package will be given when two or three programmes are presented simultaneously and during the same Audit Team Visit. The price in Euros is as follows:


1st programme

2nd programme

3rd programme

Initial payment € 4,000    
Second payment € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000
Final payment € 4,000 € 2,000 € 2,000
Total € 18,000 € 30,000 € 42,000

One-Year Option

A one-year option price package will be given when a second or more programmes are taken through the EFMD CEL accreditation process within 12 months. The price in Euros is as follows:


1st programme

2nd programme

3rd programme

Initial payment € 4,000    
Second payment € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000
Final payment € 4,000 € 4,000 € 4,000
Total € 18,000 € 32,000 € 46,000

 * VAT may be added to the above-mentioned fees when applicable in accordance with European tax regulations.


Audit Team Visit Costs

The institution applying for EFMD CEL accreditation is responsible for all costs associated with the Audit Team Visit.



Main Payment € 10,000
Final Payment € 4,000

Provision of Assistance

Strategic advice for non-eligible institutions, on-site assistance during the Self-Assessment, consultation for non-accredited programmes or further consultation for accredited programmes: 1.900 Euros per day. Travel, lodging and other direct expenses for EFMD CEL experts are to be paid by the institution seeking EFMD CEL accreditation for a programme.

CEL Key Timings

CEL Key Timings

  • Stage 1 Preliminary Enquiry
    The EFMD CEL Secretariat briefs the institution about the CEL accreditation process.

  • Stage 2 Formal Application
    There is no formal application deadline.

  • Stage 3 Eligibility
    The EFMD CEL Supervisory Board decides on the eligibility of the programme generally within a one-week period. Eligibility of a programme is valid for one year.

  • Stage 4 Briefing Session
    A briefing session is scheduled within a two-month period to better guide the institution through the CEL process. The timing for the remainder of the CEL process is then set between the EFMD CEL Secretariat and the institution.

  • Stage 4 Self-Assessment
    The date of submission of the Self-Assessment Report is set in advance between the applying institution and the EFMD CEL Secretariat. The Self-Assessment stage usually takes six months.

  • Stage 5 Peer Review
    The date of the 1.5-day Audit Team Visit is set in advance between the applying institution and the EFMD CEL Secretariat taking into account the availability of the Peer Reviewers - and the date of submission of the Self-Assessment Report. The Auditors’ Report is submitted to the institution, which has two weeks to decide if it wishes to proceed with the accreditation process.

  • Stage 6 EFMD CEL Awarding Body
    There are no fixed dates for the EFMD CEL Awarding Body meetings. The EFMD CEL Awarding Body receives the Audit Team Report and recommendation of the Audit Team. The Awarding Body members have a two-week period to send their decision on accreditation to the Chairman of the EFMD CEL Awarding Body. EFMD CEL accreditation is granted for a three-year period.

  • Stage 7 Continuous Improvement
    The accredited institution must submit a development report after eighteen months to show its compliance with the improvements agreed upon in the Audit Team Report. An institution should apply for re-accreditation six months before accreditation expires.

The Key Timings for the CEL process are summarised in the diagram below.

flowchart cel

CEL Governance

EFMD CEL Awarding Body

Awards the EFMD CEL quality label
The members of the EFMD CEL Awarding Body are as follows:

  • Chair Dieter Euler, Director, Institute of Business Education and Educational Management, Scientific Director of Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning (SCIL), Switzerland, representative of the EFMD CEL Supervisory Board, CH
  • August-Wilhelm Scheer, Director, Institute for Information Systems, University of Saarbrucken, founder of IMC, DE
  • Michel Tarder, Director, iCampus, FR
  • Nigel Paine, former Head of Training & Development, BBC, UK
  • Omid Afnan, Director, Microsoft Corporation, CN
  • Eric Cornuel, Director General & CEO, EFMD, Belgium, representative of EFMD

EFMD CEL Supervisory Board
Monitors the running and strategic progress of the accreditation process. It mainly counsels the Awarding Body, decides upon the eligibility of accreditation candidates, recruits auditors and implements quality assurances for the auditors.

The following three institutions constitute the EFMD CEL Supervisory Board:

  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)
  • SCIL (Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning) at the University of St. Gallen
  • Spirus Applied Learning Solutions AG
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