EQUAL Chairman

  • Irina Sennikova, CEEMAN

EQUAL Vice-Chair

  • Eric Waarts, VSNU - Vereniging van Samenwerkende Nederlandse Universiteiten

EQUAL Secretariat

  • Griet Houbrechts, Consultant-Senior Advisor, Business School Services Unit, EFMD

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EQUAL Documents



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The Objectives of EQUAL

EQUAL achieves its mission by:

  1. Promoting the continuous improvement of quality in business and management education training, research and development institutions
  2. Promoting the convergence of quality assurance processes through cooperation between relevant agencies
  3. Participating in the development and facilitation of quality assurance and accreditation systems and assisting in the identification of suitable auditors
  4. Supporting the development of quality assurance across Europe and beyond through the development of national or regional associations and the promotion of good practice
  5. Disseminating information about quality in business and management education, research and development to the international public
  6. Co-operating with international bodies (e.g. the European Commission and other relevant organisations) in the field
  7. Undertaking and sharing the results of research and projects of mutual interest and value to members
  8. Agreeing on shared policy positions for example in the form of EQUAL guidelines and position statements


Key Achievements of EQUAL

  • Establishment of EQUAL as an independent association in June 1996
  • Enlargement of EQUAL to include new members
  • Creation and management of a thematic network involving all 15 member states and most of the accession countries of the European Union with funding by the European Commission under the Socrates Thematic Network Projects (from 1996 to 1999 and from 2000 to 2002)
  • European Quality link EQUAL-SOCRATES Dissemination Conference, 26-28 May 2002, Helsinki, Finland
  • Drafting of the "Dynamic Model for Quality Development", which served as the basis for the design of the EQUIS accreditation system
  • See also EQUAL documents

EQUAL - European Quality Link

EQUAL is a network of networks and its mission is to act as a think tank and policy development organisation in Europe (primarily), for international business and management education, training, research and development for the benefit of member schools, students, end users and society at large.

EQUAL was founded on European roots and therefore its perspective is based on the principles of subsidiarity and co-operation. In the spirit of a network organisation operating in an area of great cultural diversity, EQUAL sees its key role as promoting continuous quality improvement through the exchange of information on best practice and the support of agencies in the field of quality assessment and education.
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