Value of EDAF - EFMD GN Deans Across Frontiers: Videos

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In a few short videos, Michael Osbaldeston, EFMD Director of Quality Services, and Christian Delporte, EDAF Director, talk about EDAF - an assessment and mentoring system for Business Schools.

In the full interview - available here - Michael and Christian explain the value of EDAF and how it fits into EFMD’s wider social responsibility, the mentoring aspect of EDAF, who can benefit from the system, the process and cost involved, as well as a possible path towards EPAS and EQUIS accreditations.
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“What has pleased us most about the EDAF mentorship is that the process is a collective one, directed towards the needs of the institution. Our experience has been one of unity and collaboration across departments and teams looking to improve our processes of internationalisation, research and teaching.”
Ms Gisele Becerra, Undergraduate Programmes Director, CESA, Colombia

Please find below direct links to the podcasts where we answer the following questions:

1. What is EDAF?

2. How did the need for EDAF arise?

3. Who is EDAF for?

4. What is the current status of schools involved in EDAF?

5. How does the EDAF process work?

6. How does the mentoring process within EDAF work?

7. How EDAF can help a school on a path towards EQUIS or EPAS accreditation?

8. What are the benefits for schools taking part in EDAF?

9. How does EDAF fit into EFMD’s wider social responsibility?

10. What are the costs involved in going through the EDAF process?

11. What are the long term hopes for EDAF?

The whole playlist with all the individual videos can be accessed via the following link or by pasting the following URL

Learn more about the EDAF: download EDAF brochure in English and Spanish or access directly EDAF webpage.