The Future of Successful Business is a Combination of Profit and Purpose

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CranfieldCCNew study finds the future of successful business is a combination of profit and purpose

88% of current CEOs and 90% of future leaders surveyed believe businesses should have a social purpose. However, only 19% of future leaders think businesses already have a clear social purpose, compared to 86% of CEOs. CEOs and future leaders hold different beliefs on the biggest barriers to businesses adopting a social purpose, with current leaders citing external factors such as government and regulation, while future leaders believe current management attitudes play a larger role.

These results are part of a new study published today by Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) – which manufactures, distributes and markets Coca-Cola products in Western Europe – in partnership with Cranfield’s Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility and The Financial Times’ FT Remark (FT).

The study, ‘Combining Profit and Purpose’ is based on the views of 50 CEOs and almost 150 MBA and MSc students and recent graduates across Europe. This interesting report has separate sections on:

  • Should business have a social purpose?
  • Does business now have a social purpose? If so, what interpretation of social business?
  • Wha is hindering companies’ adaoption of a social purpose?
  • What would encourage businesses to adopt a social purpose?
  • How should a business define its purpose?

For more information, please read the full report or you can also consult the Combining Profit and Purpose Infographic.