EFMD Quality Services Department announces seminar activities for the rest of 2012

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equisThe EFMD Quality Services Department is happy to announce its seminar activities for theepas 2009 second half of 2012. In order to inform Business Schools and other stakeholders about EQUIS, EPAS and DAF, the EFMD Quality Services department offers different types of information events:

  • Information sessions are targeted at Business Schools with little knowledge of EFMD accreditations and quality services
  • Introductory seminars are targeted at Business Schools that consider EFMD accreditation or mentoring as an option, but have not decided yet if or when to start the process
  • Regular seminars are targeted at schools that are accredited, eligible or schools that have the intention of starting either the EQUIS, EPAS or DAF process
For more information on the differences between these events please consult the framework for quality services events.  

The following information sessions are confirmed for the second half of 2012:
  • Information session on EQUIS, EPAS and DAF in Ho Chin Minh Ville, Vietnam on 13 November
Further information sessions are planned to take place in Yokohama, Japan (September-October), Tiflis, Georgia (early October) and Moscow, Russia (last week of November).

The following Introductory Seminars are confirmed for the second half of 2012:
Furthermore, the QS department plans to hold to an EPAS accreditation seminar and an EQUIS accreditation seminar in Madrid in October (Date TBC).

Practical information about registration, prices and logistics will be published on the EFMD website in due course.