Julio Urgel on the launch of the EFMD Quality Services Newsletter

communityserviceI am happy to welcome you to the 1st issue of the Quality Services (QS) Newsletter which will be sent 3 times a year and aims to inform you of progress in our efforts to improve business schools quality through our integrated portfolio of services: EQUIS, EPAS and DAF.

With EQUIS we provide an increasingly valued incentive for schools to show that they excel in many areas, as well as a tool for assessment and improvement of quality that is consciously demanding. It is the QS service targeted at leading international business schools that are already doing a good overall job and even excel in some areas. They know that excellence needs to be improved in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment and see EQUIS as a service to assist them by providing an external challenge and an agenda for change. In our continued endeavour to add value, we are currently fine tuning a “Customised Re-accreditation” process to be offered as an alternative, but equally demanding, approach for schools that have already received 5-year EQUIS accreditation three consecutive times. We informed the network about this during the QS Seminar that preceded the last EFMD Deans and Directors meeting and we expect that in 2013 the system will be applied to a number of qualifying pilot schools.
With EPAS we provide a very rigorous assessment of one of the core activities of any business school: its degree programmes. We have learned through EPAS that excellence in degree programme quality is less common than it may seem, even in leading schools. Since EQUIS accredited schools cannot, regrettably from my personal point of view, benefit from EPAS, it has become the de facto preferred accreditation option of those schools that because of strategic choice, environmental circumstances, or development paths, cannot currently satisfy all of the EQUIS requirements. However, they can successfully prove that they are able to excel in the fundamental role of education that a degree programme represents. In addition, EPAS facilitates the learning necessary for schools to successfully but gradually spread quality to all of their programmes and other activities, and in due course aim for EQUIS if it fits their strategy. EPAS is currently focusing on its expansion outside Europe with solid and secure steps.
Finally, DAF is the quality improvement tool for those that are not currently interested in or do not fit or qualify yet for EQUIS or EPAS. DAF provides assessment, recommendations for improvement and mentorship to any school in development, coming from both developing or developed countries, that shows credible and serious concern for its quality improvement. EFMD will help schools in developing countries to go through DAF by channeling funding from EFMD itself and from other organizations. Schools that can afford to pay for DAF will do so to make the service sustainable. In the coming months 5 schools will go through DAF in its pilot phase. Support and interest for DAF show that it will no doubt soon become one of our most valuable services.
This set of services, in line with EFMD's mission, is considered to be able to provide an integrated, distinctive and adapted path for business schools around the world that, while at different stages in their development, are all committed to quality improvement in business and management education.  We hope that you, like us, are able to see and appreciate the great value that EQUIS, EPAS and DAF provide collectively and individually each, in its own distinctive way. Thanks for your continued support of EFMD and the international network.

Prof. Dr. Julio Urgel, Director, EFMD Quality Services

Click here for an overview of the Quality Services seminars being organised over the next 6 months.

EFMD Quality Services Department announces seminar activities for the rest of 2012

equisThe EFMD Quality Services Department is happy to announce its seminar activities for theepas 2009 second half of 2012. In order to inform Business Schools and other stakeholders about EQUIS, EPAS and DAF, the EFMD Quality Services department offers different types of information events:

  • Information sessions are targeted at Business Schools with little knowledge of EFMD accreditations and quality services
  • Introductory seminars are targeted at Business Schools that consider EFMD accreditation or mentoring as an option, but have not decided yet if or when to start the process
  • Regular seminars are targeted at schools that are accredited, eligible or schools that have the intention of starting either the EQUIS, EPAS or DAF process
For more information on the differences between these events please consult the framework for quality services events.  

The following information sessions are confirmed for the second half of 2012:
  • Information session on EQUIS, EPAS and DAF in Ho Chin Minh Ville, Vietnam on 13 November
Further information sessions are planned to take place in Yokohama, Japan (September-October), Tiflis, Georgia (early October) and Moscow, Russia (last week of November).

The following Introductory Seminars are confirmed for the second half of 2012:
Furthermore, the QS department plans to hold to an EPAS accreditation seminar and an EQUIS accreditation seminar in Madrid in October (Date TBC).

Practical information about registration, prices and logistics will be published on the EFMD website in due course.