EFMD Awards EQUIS Accreditation to SWUFE SBA, ESC Rennes & University of Groningen FEB

EQUIS accreditation ESC Rennes Groningen SWUFE 

EFMD would like to warmly congratulate SWUFE School of Business Administration, ESC Rennes School of Business & University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business who have just been awarded EQUIS accreditation.

This takes the number of accredited schools to 152 across 40 countries.

"As the first business school in western China accredited by EQUIS, we are proud and delighted to join the EQUIS community and will utilize the platform to improve our management education and contribute to the prosperity of economic development in western China."
Prof. Gang Kou, Executive Dean & Prof. Bintong Chen, Dean, School of Business Administration, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

“Receiving the EQUIS accreditation represents for our school a great satisfaction. For our faculty and staff, our students and alumni, and for all of our stakeholders. In the particular case of the ESC Rennes, this achievement corresponds to a final stage of a quality improvement process which started in 2008 with EPAS for our Grande Ecole Programme. The ESC Rennes aims now to fully use its new status of EQUIS accredited institution as a powerful mean to reinforce the implementation of its strategic plan, based on the international dimension of its faculty, its programmes and its student body.”
Dr. Olivier Aptel, Director General & Dean, ESC Rennes School of Business

“We are very proud to have attained the EQUIS label. It proves that our quality and performance meet high standards. International accreditations increase the attractiveness of FEB for our stakeholders, like students, staff and potential partner universities, which AACSB has already proven. EQUIS further strengthens our position; we now rank among the world’s top 1% business schools. The added value for students is that employers in the private and public sector will know that the best graduates in business and economics come from the University of Groningen. And for our education and research programmes it means an incentive for continuous improvement, since only that way we can retain the label.”
Prof. Harry Garretsen, Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen

Prof. Michael Osbaldeston, the EFMD Director of Quality Services added, "We are delighted to warmly welcome the new schools into the EQUIS community. Accreditation from EFMD is one of the best and most complete ways to certify the quality of a business school as accreditation involves an extensive self-assessment by the School, a visit of an international review team who spend several days interviewing many different people in the School, and finally a very experienced jury evaluating the assessment and findings of the review team to determine whether the School should be granted accreditation. There are currently no substitutes for such an in-depth assessment of quality and the three schools should be commended for their commitment to excellence."

The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Information for the global education market on the basis of substance
  • International recognition of excellence: international development
  • Mechanism for international benchmarking with the best
  • Sharing of good practice and mutual learning
  • Agenda for quality improvement and future development
  • Acceleration of quality improvement in international management education
  • Legitimacy to internal and external stakeholders that you have a strong international reputation (donors, alumni, government) and that your school meets the high standards of the best business schools in the world
  • Becoming part of a network of top schools to develop relationships with fellow EFMD accredited schools for research, exchanging best practices on programmes, etc.
  • International Legitimacy vis-a-vis recruiting international students, creating double degree partnerships, forming international exchange relationships, recruiting executive development custom programme clients, recruiting new faculty.
More information on EQUIS is available at www.efmd.org/equis

EQUIS XXL Accreditation Seminar

equis2013You are cordially invited to join our EQUIS XXL Accreditation Seminar and gain first-hand insights on how to manage an EQUIS accreditation project successfully!

EFMD is offering this 2-day EQUIS XXL Accreditation Seminar on 18-19 February 2015 at the EFMD office in Brussels, Belgium.

The Seminar follows a new format that has been specially designed to provide in-depth guidance on how to successfully complete the different steps of the EQUIS accreditation process. A similar format has already been offered twice to the EPAS community with great success.

Participants will gain detailed understanding of how to compile a Datasheet and Self-Assessment Report, how to organise an effective Peer Review Visit and how to manage the post-accreditation phase including the write-up of progress reports. The objective of the Seminar is to move distinctly beyond the EQUIS documents and to let participants gain in-depth knowledge on the Dos and Don’ts of managing an EQUIS accreditation project.

The Seminar is targeted at institutions already awarded eligibility or accreditation as well as institutions currently preparing their application for eligibility. It is relevant for Accreditation Officers (EQUIS Project Leaders), Deans and Associate Deans in charge of accreditations.

Participants must already possess a good working knowledge of the EQUIS system, which requires at the very minimum, a careful study of the EQUIS documents (Standards & Criteria, Process Manual, Process Manual Annexes) before the start of the Seminar.

School representatives looking for an introductory overview of the EQUIS system are explicitly discouraged from registering for this Seminar.

Please note that the number of places is limited, so please register today to secure your attendance. You can view the complete programme here. Or please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with other questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels. The EQUIS Team.