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Business Schools

  • logo_word Application Form (please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • logo_word Profile Questionnaire Form
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Executive Development Centres

Companies, Consultancies and Public Sector Organisations

Joining EFMD

EFMD membership offers the unique opportunity to become part of a diverse international community with a myriad of networking activities through which you can learn and benefit from the shared experiences of other members. It also offers access to a wide range of services and information on all areas of management education and development activities.

This section of the website is dedicated to providing you with all the information you require to begin the membership application process.

Every application that is received is screened by either the Membership Review Committee or the Director General in order to maintain our policy regarding the quality of institutions who can join the community of EFMD members.

Admission Procedures

For Business Schools

The Membership Committee reviews and creates minimum quality standards for membership of EFMD. Criteria are constantly reviewed for the different categories of membership, thus monitoring the existing membership and those potential members who apply.

The membership application form should be accompanied by a completed questionnaire about the organisation, its interests and expectations, as well as by two references from the existing membership (referees must be Deans). This complete application file is reviewed by the Membership Review Committee, which sits twice a year and recommends membership to the Board of Trustees for approval. The Board passes its proposals to the Annual General Assembly which meets in June. It is during this Assembly that membership is officially ratified.

For Corporations

Companies, consultancies, public sector organisations and executive development centres are requested to complete a membership application form and a questionnaire about the organisation, its composition, interests and expectations. Applications from corporate members are reviewed by the EFMD Director General and are then officially ratified by the EFMD Annual General Assembly.

Types of Membership

FULL Membership
Full Membership is for companies, business schools, public sector organisations, executive development centres, chambers of commerce, employers' associations, training consul- tancies and other organisations actively involved in management development. It is aimed at organisations based in Europe and worldwide. Full Members have voting rights in the EFMD Annual General Assembly and benefit from the full portfolio of services including accreditations and Highered - EFMD Global Career Service (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Full Membership is the de facto membership for European institutions. 
Full Membership is a prerequisite for accreditations. It is also a requirement for benefitting from the Highered internship portal.
Affiliated Membership is aimed at organisations located outside of Europe. Affiliated members do not have voting rights in the EFMD Annual General Assembly.
ASSOCIATE Membership
Associate Membership is for newly formed business schools, executive development centres and companies which have not been in existence for a sufficient period to demonstrate the viability and quality of their activities and programmes. Associate members are accepted for a maximum period of three years, after which they will be reviewed again by the Membership Review Committee (for academic institutions) or the Director General (for corporations) and considered for full membership.