Emerald Research Link


Emerald and EFMD have teamed up to provide EFMD Research Link for EFMD corporate members: a quality management learning and development resource featuring articles, interviews and case studies from the world's leading publisher of management research.

The objective of Research Link is to better connect the world of research with the world of business. There is so much intellectual capital coming from research that goes unnoticed and unused. With its dual membership structure (companies and business schools) EFMD is determined to address this opportunity. The website takes topical management articles from Emerald's prestigious portfolio of business journals and transforms them into concise, readable versions targeted at busy executives wanting to get up to speed on the hot topics in business without reading hundreds of pages of research from multiple sources.

Research Link presents eleven management subject areas to choose from. Two of these areas cover talent management and work-based learning, areas identified by the EFMD as particularly relevant today. In addition to presenting quality content, an interactive discussion forum has been created to encourage open discussion on business/management issues.

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The EFMD/Emerald Research Link is a service for EFMD corporate members.  In order to be able to make seamless access available to you and all of your colleagues we require the IP range of your organization. That way everyone can get access password free.

If you would like access to this site, please can you reply to this e-mail with your IP range and we will enable access through Emerald for you.