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  • EiP2017 Header bannerThe EiP Awards have developed into one of the leading global awards that recognise excellence in learning and development partnerships. In difficult times we need to reinforce the importance of investments in Leadership, Professional, Talent and Organisational Development.

2017 EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference

Date: 8 Mar 17 16:30 - 10 Mar 17 14:00
Host: University of Sheffield Management School
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

2017 EFMD (ESMU) – HUMANE Winter School

Date: 19 Mar 17 15:00 - 24 Mar 17 14:30
Host: UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain

EPAS XXL Accreditation Seminar

Date: 22 Mar 17 09:00 - 23 Mar 17 17:00
Host: EFMD
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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The future is blended

Future is blended

Santiago Iniguez explains why business schools and corporations must accommodate the increasing role of technology in education.

Casting the light in the shadows

Casting light

Do not be lulled by today’s strong management education market, says Johan Roos. Business schools still need to find a grander vision of hope, change and community to counter emerging shadows.

Net gains

Net gains

The EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS) management team provides an update on EOCCS’ progress, lessons from its Pilot Phase and shows how EOCCS is working in practice. By Stephanie Lambert, Anne Swanberg and Antonia Lütgens.