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    It’s been around six years since the rise of MOOCs. Adapted to habits of today’s students, these resources announce the beginning of a new era for education and eLearning. That’s where EOCCS comes into the game. A conversation with Stephanie Lambert, Administrator at EFMD - EOCCS.


The Executive Academy - Asia

Date: 2 Apr 18 09:00 - 6 Apr 18 13:00
Host: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Location: Singapore, Republic of Singapore

2018 EFMD & EURAM Research Leadership Programme

Date: 22 Apr 18 19:30 - 26 Apr 18 16:30
Host: Nova School of Business and Economics
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

2018 EFMD Doctoral Programmes Conference

Date: 7 May 18 16:00 - 9 May 18 14:00
Host: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Location: Frankfurt, Germany


EFMD GlobalFocus magazine

The Business of Business Schools


Kai Peters, Howard Thomas and Rick Smith suggest that while much has been written about business schools from historical and critical perspectives not enough has emerged from an additional viewpoint – the lens of the business of business schools.

Time for a digital detox?


Peter Thomson points out that our stressful work patterns are not caused by technology but by leaders who have allowed their organisations to develop unhealthy work patterns and are ignoring culture instead of managing it.

A conversation with Nick Lovegrove


David Grayson talks to the author of The Mosaic Principle and a key speaker at EFMD’s Conference for Deans & Directors General, Munich, January 2018.