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  • EiP Winners Gold2017 homepageEFMD is delighted to announce the 2017 EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award Winners.

2017 EFMD-HUMANE Summer School

Date: 27 Aug 17 15:00 - 1 Sep 17 14:30
Host: Freie Universität Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany

EFMD @Solvay JOB FAIR and CONFERENCE for PhDs in Business and Management

Date: 8 Sep 17 18:00 - 10 Sep 17 20:00
Host: Solvay Brussels School
Location: Brussels, Belgium

EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

Date: 19 Sep 17 08:30 - 19 Sep 17 16:30
Host: Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Location: Milan, Italy


EFMD GlobalFocus magazine Home Vol11 Issue02

Creating impact with purpose

p4 SobeyGF

Patricia Bradshaw and Erin Elaine Casey describe how the BSIS process has helped herald the impact of the Sobey School in Canada, the first business school in North America to utilise the system

'Inclusive growth and prosperity’ – for whom?

p8 Jebens DesignGF

Instead of prosperity the last decade has delivered inequality, insecurity, and the rise of nationalism and populism. Simon Caulkin argues that this is a secular challenge that business, and especially managers, must face head on

Digital Learning 2.0


After the scurry of educational providers rushing into the breach and scrambling to be part of MOOC mania, the hype has all but dissipated. Paul Hunter explains why.