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  • EFMD GN Americas Annual Conference 2015

    The EFMD Global Network Americas Annual Conference has been designed for all those interested in management education and development. It brings together EFMD Global Network members, companies, educational institutions and other associations that have an interest in the Americas.


2015 EFMD Executive Development Conference

Date: 14 Oct 15 18:00 - 16 Oct 15 15:30
Host: UPF Barcelona School of Management
Location: Barcelona, Spain

EQUIS Accreditation Seminar

Date: 15 Oct 15 14:00 - 16 Oct 15 17:00
Host: University of Economics, Prague - Faculty of International Relations
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

2015 EFMD GN Americas Annual Conference

Date: 19 Oct 15 19:00 - 21 Oct 15 17:30
Host: Université Laval
Location: Québec City, Canada


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Re organising the political economy Re organising the Political Economy

Re-organising the Political Economy

Capitalism has not failed nor is it in retreat. It is just an idea. But, argues Malcolm McIntosh, it is an idea, which in its current form, is in real need of being re-thought.

Managements Second Curve

Management’s Second Curve

... with the ‘digital revolution’, we are entering a new era where the logic of industrial-age organisation has lost its purchase. It is time to reinvent it, says Richard Straub.


Special Supplement : Masters Programmes

"I hope that this Global Focus special supplement devoted to the subject will give you a better understanding of the major issues in the development of this market."Eric Cornuel.