ICT for Learning and Teaching

What it covers

ICT opens up opportunities for learning because it enables learners to access, extend, transform and share ideas and information in multi-modal communication styles and format. It helps the learner to share learning resources and spaces, promote learner-centred and collaborative learning principles and enhance critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Main outcomes

  • Pathway online platform supporting internships at-a-distance
  • Guide on Promoting and Supporting Virtual Placements
  • Make It Work! Guide on Integrating Virtual Mobility in International Work Placements
  • ICT for Learning Innovation: From Micro Innovation to Large Scale Adoption (publication)
  • Open Learning in Times of Crisis (report)
  • OpenScout platform for open educational resources in business and management education
  • eXploring e-Learning: Exchanging Experiences and Best Practices of European Management Education (report)
  • UNIQUe institutional quality certification for the use of ICT in learning and teaching