Strengthening Leadership and Strategic Management in Higher Education in Ethiopia


About the Project

The University Leadership and Management Capacity Development Project (ULMCD) is a multi-year programme geared towards strengthening of the higher education sector in Ethiopia, in the broader framework of economic and societal development policies to meet the quantitative and qualitative demand for a trained labour force.

Through the Higher Education Strategy Centre in Addis Ababa (HESC), 13 New Public Universities (NPUs) are being provided with training by an international consortium of the Maastricht School of Management (MSM, Lead Partner), the International Centre for development Oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA), and EFMD which took over some of the activities of ESMU from April 2013.

Beyond the actual training delivery, the aim of the project is the institutionalisation of knowledge and resources on leadership and management within the Ethiopian higher education sector. The main purpose is to update and prepare senior administrators in the new Ethiopian universities on current trends and innovations in Higher Education worldwide, and their relevance for, and possible application in, Ethiopian Higher Education.

EFMD role in the project is to deliver a series of exposure visits (Europe), one-week training programmes in Ethiopia (e.g. quality assurance, financial management, research management), as well as consulting/coaching for Ethiopian universities.