IRIS: Fostering academic international relations in Israeli colleges


About the Project

IRIS is a EU-funded project under the TEMPUS (Trans-European Mobility University Studies) programme's fifth call for proposals. IRIS is a three-year project, bringing together eighteen Israeli and European partners. Israeli partners include peripherally and centrally situated academic institutions, engineering and social sciences colleges, educational training colleges and Arab colleges.

Objective and Goals
The main project's objective is to promote international and intercultural policies, skills and culture in Israeli public academic colleges, and thereby to strengthen the colleges' capacities for education and research and improve their academic quality and standards.  

Among the project's goals:

  • Developing strategic plans for internationalisation in participating colleges
  • Encouraging international activities among academic and administrative staff and students
  • Creating departments for international relations in the participating colleges
  • Initiating international academic activities and creating a network of Israeli and European partners.

Project Content and Methodology

To achieve its wider objectives the project employs a comprehensive plan directed at the target audiences of faculty, administrators and students and addressing a full spectrum of internationalisation objectives, including raising awareness, increasing the visibility of internationalisation within the college culture and the establishment of a functioning International Relations Office at each partner college. The project undertakes further advocacy efforts among policy makers and non-participating colleges to promote a more comprehensive introduction of internationalisation throughout the Israeli system of public academic colleges.

The project consists of three interacting levels of activities:  

  • Introduction of practices for internationalisation management
  • Introduction of internationalisation competencies to faculty, administrators and students
  • Dissemination and exploitation of project results.The successful planning and implementation of the IRIS project elements aim to result in the development and consolidation of a comprehensive programme that can be disseminated throughout Israeli public academic colleges in order to improve the higher education system.

The IRIS Partnership
Israeli Colleges

Other Israeli Partners:

European Partners

EFMD contributes with its expertise to the internationalisation activities as well as to the project dissemination.

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