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To consolidate the results of the EU-project FORGEC, EFMD has been awarded a 42-months project aiming to support the modernisation of Cuba in the field of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. A consortium of European Business schools managed by EFMD design and organise courses, trainings and seminars in the eight main universities of Cuba and facilitate the exchange of good practices between Cuban and European HEIs.

As project leader, EFMD coordinates the execution of the activities, mobilising experts from the consortium business schools and universities and facilitating the inclusion of new partners in the project activities.

Project objectives

  1. Consolidate the overall results achieved under the project FORGEC and in particular:
    1. Promote the long-term cooperation created in the field of management education between Europe and Cuba;
    2. Reinforce the quality assurance schemes developed in each participating university;
    3. Expand the scope of the methodological cabinets to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation topics;
  2. Strengthen the exchange of good practices on management education between Europe and Cuba;
  3. Train teachers and trainers to ensure that they will share with Cuban managers and local actors the latest developments on management education in Europe.

EFMD is looking for a short-term expert for a mission of activities exploration and consolidation of the methodological cabinets of the six main Cuban universities. Interested candidates are requested to send their application and all support documents by 30 August 2017 to the EFMD International Projects team.

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..