Executive Training Programme (ETP)


About the Project

The Executive Training Programme (ETP) is a programme funded by the European Commission that provides European companies with the business, language and cultural training necessary for success in the Japanese and Korean markets. The ETP strengthens the presence of EU companies in Korea and Japan as well as the cultural and business links between those countries and the EU.

The ETP involves a three-week intensive training course in the UK on the culture, history and civil society of Japan or Korea which is conducted in London. This is followed by 30 weeks business and language training in Japan or Korea and, finally, 12 weeks internship in a Japanese or Korean company. 

ETP is managed and financed by the European Commission. It is implemented with the assistance of external contractors in Europe, Japan and Korea. The Central Management Unit lead by Deloitte Belgium is in charge of the administrative management of ETP. EFMD involvement in this project is to raise awareness about this training programme and to help Deloitte Belgium to identify EU executives and companies ready to do business with Japan or Korea and benefit from this training opportunity.
For more information please visit the ETP website: www.euetp.eu