PRO-VIP Promoting and Supporting Virtual Placements

Pathway, Supporting Virtual Internships
The Pathway platform enables and supports internships at-a-distance throughout the entire internship process. It is a result of the PROVIP project.

Its main features are:
  • matchmaking between students and companies
  • automated creation of an internship charter between student, study programme and company
  • follow-up system for interns from a distance
  • organisation of the online communication flow
  • just-in-time guidelines and advice about the organisation of virtual internships
Watch the demo of the Pathway tool:

Interested in a virtual internship, register on Pathway.

The Pathway software is also available as open source code via, under the GNU General Public Licence. The software can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone who wants to develop a customised version of the tool or who wishes to integrate it in an already existing system.

About the Project
PRO-VIP is a two-year project, funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme under Action Erasmus Multilateral Projects.
The purpose of the project is to create more structural links between higher education institutions (HEIs) and businesses and to create a platform for facilitating and supporting virtual placements, the number and the quality of offered virtual(ly supported) international placements is likely to increase. The project has three primary stakeholders; businesses, HEIs and students, and they will benefit from the project in the following way:
  • The businesses that will participate in the project will directly feel the advantages of being able to engage international interns in a virtual way (access to foreign markets; cost effectiveness; knowledge exchange at an international level; access to specialised expertise; etc.).
  • The study programmes will be reached via the representatives of the higher education institutions. The involved academic staff will have the opportunity to realize goals of internationalization of the curriculum. The attractiveness of the programmes is likely to increase because of the concrete and structural opportunity to offer virtually supported international work placements.
  • The students who are taking part in the study programme will be offered an enhanced range of  international placement opportunities, accessible to students unable to go abroad. Students will therefore have a wider scope to develop intercultural competencies during their study career.
  • Project outcomes
  • Dissemination and training activities in all partner countries and on a regional as well as European level to promote active use of the project results, mainly (but not exclusively) targeted at the business sector.
  • The realization of a concrete collaboration between higher education institutions and companies all over Europe focusing on virtual(ly supported) international work placements. Structural cooperation between businesses and HEIs will be facilitated via an online platform which will be tested by a pilot business – university network. It will be conceptualized in such a way that it can be easily expanded and will be transferable to other sectors.
  • Identification of effective practice and how this can be used by other interested stakeholders, other study programmes, other businesses, etc.
Project Partners
EFMD is associated with all project activities, but is in particular, coordinating the exploitation work package in order to enable and accelerate the collaboration between HEIs and companies all over Europe focusing on virtual(ly supported) internships.


For more information, please visit the project website:

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