UNIQUe - Europen University Quality in eLearning

UNIQUe aims to enhance the reform process of European higher education institutions by creating, testing and launching an eLearning quality label for ICT-use in higher education. In this way UNIQUe wishes to improve higher education eLearning processes and management.

UNIQUe is an accelerator for quality improvement and innovation. Providing industry-wide benchmarks, it will dramatically enhance the implementation speed of the Bologna reforms, in the area of technology-enhanced learning.

Compared to other quality initiatives in the area of technology-enhanced learning, UNIQUe has a broader institutional approach and is not only related to e-learning. The UNIQUe quality label builds on the broadest stakeholder involvement.

The UNIQUe process is structured in six very distinct stages and offers a formalised approach in each of the steps. The UNIQUe quality label provides an accreditation as a result, next to continuous quality improvement mechanisms.

The UNIQUe quality label focuses on innovation. UNIQUe ensures continuous quality improvement since it is a diagnostic tool for self-assessment of the institution.

The UNIQUe Label is being built by combining the Peer Review methodology, developed in MASSIVE and EFMD CEL the programme accreditation for teChnology-Enhanced Learning developed by EFMD.

The UNIQUe Label will be awarded to Higher Education bodies for outstanding work in the use of ICT with regards to learning resources, learning processes and learning contexts.

Activities & Results

  • “eLearning Quality in European Universities” Report
  • The UNIQUe Institutional Accreditation Model
  • Pilot testing of the UNIQUe Label by 12 universities in Autumn 2007
  • Launch of the final UNIQUe Label in 2008
  • Organisation of a large scale European Conference in 2008
  • Continuation of UNIQUe by the European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (EFQUEL)


Menon Network EEIG


EuroPACE ivzw
EFQUEL - European Foundation for Quality in eLearning
EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development a.i.s.b.l.


24 Months

Supported by

EC - DG Education and Culture - Socrates - Higher Education Reform

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