eXel- eXploring e-Learning

eXeL is a research project financed by the European Union which investigates the role of e-Learning in management education among Business Schools in Europe

The overall objective of the eXeL project is to better understand how good practices of e-Learning in European Management Education have been developed and how they could be spread throughout Europe, thus creating the basis for the review, exchange and transfer of experiences and policies among management education and training actors.

The project is co-ordinated by ISTUD-Istituto Studi Direzionali in co-operation with: EFMD and E.M.Lyon - Ecole de Management Lyon

The research is based on three core activities:
  1. Extensive survey conducted with a large group of Business Schools associated to EFMD in order to identify the decision making processes and the different strategies in the implementation of e-Learning policies applied to management education.
  2. Interviews with opinion leaders: addressed to all the different stakeholders of the e-Learning industry - final users, associations, institutions, suppliers and experts-with the aim of drawing a picture of the actual situation, and to identify the most important future trends for e-Learning applied to management education.
  3. Case studies. 15 Business Schools have been selected in Europe with e-Learning programmes developed in executive education; the case studies aim is to understand how good practices have been developed and under which conditions they could be replicated throughout Europe.
The main findings of the study will be published in a book which will collect and analyse not only the innovative experiences, but will also propose a roadmap for adding value to e-Learning processes.
The results of the survey, the case studies and presentation can be downloaded below.

eXploring e-Learning - exchanging experiences and best practices of European Management Education final report