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Since 2001, CRS data have provided a picture of the current employment landscape, gauged demand for master's-level business graduates, and gained valuable insight into employer needs across industries and world regions. CRS offers different benefits:
  • Admissions/marketing: enhance outreach efforts with data about the skills and salaries that demonstrate the value of management degrees in the job market.
  • Deans/faculty: assess the effectiveness of your school's curriculum compared to the knowledge, skills, abilities and traits that today's employers need in new graduate management hires.
  • Career Services: guide students in their job search and careers decision using robust employer hiring and salary projections, and grow employer relationships with insight into what their overall recruitment strategies look like and what draws them to a campus.

In 2013, 935 employers in 50 countries around the world participated in the Corporate Recruiters Survey.

As a result of their participation, business schools receive:
  1. Benchmark reports - See how corporate recruiters place your graduates compared with graduates of other schools (*)
  2. Comprehensive data reports - Filter through survey data by industry, world region, and company size using interactive graphs and statistical tables.
(*) The interactive benchmark tool displays data in aggregate using a sophisticated mathematical algorithm to ensure that complete respones from benchmarked programme are not individually identifiable.

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