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Career Group D, Grade 5
Doctorate or PhD
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Full time
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26 Feb, 2018

Professor in Practice - Queen's Management School, Queen's University Belfast

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To undertake teaching in order to support the work of Queen’s Management School and develop and enhance its reputation, both nationally and internationally and nationally, outside the University. To design, develop and deliver a range of programmes of study and contribute to the development of teaching and learning strategies.

  1. Provide leadership in the general areas of entrepreneurship and business consultancy by bringing practice-informed expertise to shape future developments in these areas.
  2. Contribute to the development of the current and emerging portfolio of MSc Business and Management programmes.
  3. Contribute to the enhancement of the postgraduate student learning environment at QMS.
  4. Deliver effective and inclusive teaching and support learning activities.
  5. Assess the work and progress of students and provide them with constructive and timely feedback.
  6. Lead and develop innovative approaches to continually improve the learning environment particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship and business consultancy, including use of learning technologies and techniques.
  7. Engage in professional development in relation to teaching, learning and assessment, related to academic, institutional and/or other professional practices.
  8. Produce high quality teaching materials in appropriate discipline areas.
  9. Work with internal and external groups to deepen QMS engagement with business.
  10. Engage in pedagogic research or practitioner research and other scholarly activities and publish the findings/results, particularly in relation to Brexit.
  11. Shape and lead communications and engagements with industry.
  12. Provide vision for the future shape and structure of QMS activities in the areas of entrepreneurship and Engineering/Management collaborations.
  1. A relevant undergraduate degree.
  2. Acknowledged expert in the development of business capabilities and improving business performance.
  3. A record of achievements that have influenced the development of the area of professional practice and of relevance to the discipline which includes evidence of: .developing management skills and expertise within organizations; .promoting successful organizational innovation; .providing effective business leadership.
  4. Evidence of ability to provide teaching and assessment support in either a third level institution or with a relevant professional context.
  5. Evidence of ability to design course materials and to plan and organise the delivery and assessment of courses.
  6. Strong relationship management skills and the ability to apply these both within and outside the University.
  7. Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to forge strong collaborations. Ability to inspire, motivate and lead.
  9. Demonstrable implementation and organisational skills and the ability to turn these into ideas.
  10. Commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and to providing the highest quality experience for students.
  11. Commitment to working within professional and ethical codes of conduct. 12. The post holder will be required to be located in Northern Ireland.
  1. PhD or equivalent in relevant discipline.
  2. Membership of relevant professional body.
  3. Higher education teaching qualification or postgraduate degree in Business and Management.
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