EQUIS Key Timings

The EQUIS accreditation process may take from one to two years to be completed. The following deadlines apply to each stage of the accreditation process:

  • Stage 0 : Enquiry
    Can be done at any time by phone or in person or, if required, in consultation with EFMD Advisory Services.

  • Stage 1 : Application
    The formal application should be received at least three months before the meeting of the EQUIS Committee that is usually held in March, June and November.

  • Stage 2 : Briefing Visit
    This half-day on-site visit must take place at least two weeks before the meeting of the EQUIS Committee. This Committee decides on eligibility for entry into the process.

  • Stage 3 : Eligibility
    Eligibility is granted for a period of maximum two years. Within this period the School must host a Peer Review Visit. The Peer Review Visit needs to be scheduled at least nine months before it takes place. The School has to inform the EQUIS office about its accreditation process planning within two months after the eligibility decision.

  • Stage 4 : Self-Assessment
    The Self-Assessment Report must be submitted six weeks before the date of the Peer Review Visit.

  • Stage 5 : Peer Review
    The Peer Review Visit should take place at least ten weeks before the EQUIS Awarding Body meeting during which the School will be presented (meetings are usually held mid-April, mid-June and mid-December).

  • Stage 6 : Accreditation
    Accreditation is granted for three or five years.

  • Stage 7 : Continuous Improvement
    Three-year accredited schools have to submit a progress report one year and two years after the accreditation decision. Five-year accredited schools have to submit a mid term report 30 months after the accreditation decision. A school has to submit the re-accreditation application form one year before the accreditation expires.

The Key Timings of the EQUIS process are summarised in the diagram below.

EQUIS KeyTiming