EiP 2014 Webinar - Saltire Foundation & Babson Executive Education

Hosted by: EFMD

The event will start on: 01 Dec 14 13:30
And will end on: 01 Dec 14 15:00

Location: web-based,

From 2:30pm to 4:00pm CET (Paris time).

If not familiar with Webex, please make sure you connect 15 minutes prior to the session.

“Crossing the Chasm: How the Saltire Fellowship Programme is Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders for Scotland”


Saltire is both the name for Saint Andrew’s cross on the national flag of Scotland and also the name of a Foundation whose mission is “to find, fuel and spark the next generation of Scottish business leaders."

But in 2008, the Saltire Foundation recognized that Scotland's entrepreneurial business climate was at a perilous crossroads. Among the signposts were:

  • Thousands of local businesses struggled with sales and marketing;
  • Because of "fear of failure" fewer and fewer Scots were willing to start a business. As a consequence Scotland economy ranked far behind other UK territories and comparable European nations;
  • A double whammy combining a national brain drain with a traditionally narrow geographic business focus that ignored global markets threatened to turn a bad situation worse.

To begin to address this dire situation, Saltire Foundation sought a partnership with Babson Executive Education. The new partners envisioned what became known as the Saltire Fellowship Programme. This vision started with appropriately high ambitions: To develop entrepreneurial leaders adept at sales and marketing, who could support Scotland's economic turn-around.

Next the partners co-created a set of focused and adaptive principles to attract Scotland's rising business talent to the program. The hope was to imbue the country's next generation of leaders with a global entrepreneurial mindset through an intensive learning and development regimen that was pragmatic, nimbly adaptive and that could create impact in Scottish companies right from the start.

Thus far, results have been significant:

  • Of the Fellows graduated to date, many are now CEOs, while nearly all others have achieved senior positions in Scottish companies;
  • Fellows’ sales, leadership and entrepreneurial competencies are more than 70% stronger after graduation than before beginning the programme;
  • Fellows in leadership roles have been directly involved in creating top‐line performance gains of over £137 million;
  • Thus far, Fellows have been instrumental in bringing over £16 million in venture capital funding to companies in Scotland;
  • Fellows have contributed to revenue growth of as much as 300% at companies across the country;
  • Fellows have founded more than 15 companies, often by banding together based on common passions and complementary skillsets discovered during the Fellowship;
  • Fellows have been directly involved in the creation of hundreds of jobs across the nation;

Flying in the face of the old saying that Scotland's chief exports are whiskey and talent, results show that the program not only helps stem Scotland's talent diaspora, it also acts as a magnet to bring talent back home. This 95% retention rate, together with the broad diversity of Scottish industries where Fellows now work, bodes well for the nation's economic future.

In this session, Elaine Eisenman and Katie Michels will share their success stories and point out different hurdles they came across over the last years.

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Saltire Foundation & Babson Executive Education Babson College were granted the Silver Award in the EFMD EFMD Excellence in Practice Award 2014 in the category of ‘Talent Development’.


This session will be moderated by Jan Ginneberge.

Target Group
This webinar is dedicated to both companies and L&D providers (Business Schools, Executive Education Centers / Consultancies).  

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Number of participants is limited. Priority will be offered to EFMD member organisations.
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