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Sponsored by Capgemini in association with IESE, the EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) “Digital Age Learning” explored how corporate organisations can equip themselves to fully exploit the learning opportunities of the digital age. The SIG focused on documenting existing good practice and trapping emerging technologies, tools, services or learning paradigms that would help member companies move forward exponentially. It combines, therefore, an intensely practical element as well as looking at emerging research and experimentation.

Discover the 2017 “Digital Age Learning” report logo pdf conclusions.

In addition, you can also consult 2017 logo pdf Capgemini’s detailed research report on digital age learning.

 The overall goal was to advance the critical area of digital age learning in concrete and practical terms, while helping install the practices that will allow innovation and development into the future. The essential aim was to work in partnership with the 16 company members of the SIG and share their initiatives and challenges.








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Global Focus magazine has selected logo pdf seven articles to illuminate the process of digital age learning, from a corporate case study to broad explorations of the digital world and the potential for learning to be transformed.

The outcomes of this SIG are shared within the wider network through the Future Series Webinars:

  • "What is Learning in the Digital Age?"
    Speaker: Steven Smith, Regis Chasse (March 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (56 min)
  • "Digital Age Learning in Action – from participant engagement to impacts on the learning team"
    Speaker: Steven Smith & Sarah Otley (May 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (1 hr 1 min)
  • How do I enable digital-age learning? Develop Learning Experience Designers?"
    Speaker: Giuseppe Auricchio & Ernesto Barrios (May 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (58 min)

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