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The outcomes of this SIG are shared within the wider network through the Future Series Webinars:

  • "What is Learning in the Digital Age?"
    Speaker: Steven Smith, Regis Chasse (March 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (56 min)
  • "Digital Age Learning in Action – from participant engagement to impacts on the learning team"
    Speaker: Steven Smith & Sarah Otley (May 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (1 hr 1 min)
  • How do I enable digital-age learning? Develop Learning Experience Designers?"
    Speaker: Giuseppe Auricchio & Ernesto Barrios (May 2017)
    PLAY or download RECORDING (58 min)

The digital revolution profoundly impacts the future of work and it requires a fundamental rethink of the corporate learning function. EFMD launched the Digital Age Learning Special Interest Group to look in depth at how learning must change and how the function has to shape up in this disruptive context.

Sponsored by Steven Smith, head of the Corporate University at Capgemini Corporate University and supported by IESE, this group brought together 16 companies which worked on some of the building blocks for Digital Age transformation such as re-imagining Learning Architecture, harnessing the power of Social Learning, transforming the User Experience and more. The group built its point of view on “the nature of learning in the digital age,” based on business and academic literature, the direct experiences of the group as well as neuroscience.

This group was facilitated by Nigel Paine. He has a background in learning leadership and technology and is author of the book: The Learning Challenge: Dealing with Technology Innovation and Change in Learning and Development.

Organisations that participated in the SIG include:









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