Whom is it for?


The strategic review is a flexible service designed for all organisations that are faced with the challenge of strategic workforce development. It is appropriate both for large organisations (corporations and non-commercial organisations, NPOs, government and semi-government agencies) and for smaller companies.

Specifically the check-up is designed for learning organisations at any stage in their development, from the early stages of their launching to full maturity. For example:

  • Start up Learning Organisations wishing to plan the way forward as they begin to construct their operations. The service will accelerate the launch process and measure what remains to be done.
  • Learning Organisations broadening the scope of their activity after an initial start-up period with a narrow focus
  • Learning Organisations going through one of the major turning points in their life cycle that require re-assessment of their activity
    • Change of CEO or significant restructuring of the top management team
    • Change of the company’s strategic priorities
    • Change of the Chief Learning Officer
  • Learning Organisations wishing to take stock of their effectiveness and impact at any point in their development

 In some cases the SLR process may be a first step along a development path leading to CLIP accreditation