SLR – Strategic Learning Review

Why SLR?

The Challenge of Relevance and Impact

Company-based learning organisations are being challenged to maximize the effectiveness, the relevance and the quality of their programmes. Learning must be seen to deliver more value to the company than it consumes in cost and time.

The Strategic Learning Review will help companies determine whether their learning organisation is delivering (and is perceived to be delivering) services in line with its strategic mission.


What is SLR?

logo pdf A Six Point Check-Up

Drawing on its experience in the area of quality assurance for both business schools and learning organisations through the EQUIS and CLIP accreditation systems, the EFMD offers a diagnostic check-up service that allows a Learning Organisation to take stock of the strategic effectiveness of its operations and hence of its impact within the company. It is designed to be a flexible service for learning organisations at any point of their development.

Combining a guided self-assessment methodology and a one-day on-site visit by a two-person EFMD team, the resulting evaluation will highlight both the areas where the Learning Organisation is performing effectively and the areas where fundamental problems may need to be addressed. The process is designed to be a checkpoint providing a critical analysis or snapshot of the situation at a given moment in time. It will also help companies construct a roadmap for future development.

The EFMD uses a systemic approach, looking at the Learning Organisation as a functioning whole in which the constituent parts must be precisely defined and properly interconnected along the strategic value chain to achieve the intended outcomes.



"At Baloise, we used the EFMD Strategic Diagnostic Check-up (Strategic Learning Review) to get an outside feedback on where we are standing in our pursuit to build up a state-of-the-art L&D organisation. Based on a one-day visit only, the experienced EFMD consultants were able to draw a very concrete picture of our current strengths as well as the areas we still need to develop. This has since helped us a lot to refine our current priorities. So we can only recommend other organisations who want to develop their L&D set-up to also use this pragmatic tool."  
Baloise Campus

“EFMD’s one-day strategic diagnostic review (Strategic Learning Review) was very valuable. The review which was conducted by experienced auditors enabled us to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of our corporate university. The conclusions, covering a range of areas from our mission to corporate governance, including our portfolio of program and services, have led us to strengthen a number of our processes and better prepare ourselves for future accreditation. I highly recommend this Strategy Learning Review to companies in search of a true strategic approach.”
Safran Corporate University