7th University - Business Forum (Organised by the European Commission)

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university business forum

The 7th University- Business Forum ("University-Business Cooperation for Innovation and Modernisation") will take place in Brussels on the 6th and 7th of April 2017.

Organised by the European Commission, the Forum will bring together 400 high-level representatives from higher education institutions; large companies; SME's, relevant European organisations and associations; as well as national, regional and local authorities from Europe and beyond. It will be a unique opportunity to share and discuss your experiences, compare examples of good practice, to network and to learn from each other.

To find all practical information on the programme, how to register, how to get to the conference venue and where to stay in Brussels, please access the conference website here.

This year's Forum will address topics related to modernisation, relevance & skills; evolution and innovation; smart specialisation & regional development; the state of university business cooperation in Europe, the changing face of higher education institutions and new trends in entrepreneurship.

This event includes also an exhibition area featuring the Knowledge Alliances, which are projects funded under the Erasmus+ programme and bring together higher education institutions and companies.