HigherEd - the Global Talent Portal is Live

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higherEd logo 2017 HigherEd Global Talent Portal is now onboarding students and offering them positions from the EFMD corporate members. We are ready to onboard the next batch of Schools!

With the collaboration of EFMD Global Network, Highered Global Talent Portal has begun the process of onboarding students from a hundred EFMD GN member Schools, including IE, IESEG, HKBU, Hult International Business School, the University of Sydney Business School, Stockholm School of Economics and BI Norwegian Business School.

The portal welcomes daily 25-50 top quality global opportunities from the EFMD Corporate members. Those offers include internships, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions.

Since its launch, over a thousand students join the portal every week. These students now have access to a dynamic global network of opportunities. The HigherEd initiative provides the students with an additional step to help build their experience portfolio on a global level.

This Global Talent Portal comes as an additional resource exclusively for EFMD GN members. It is targeted towards international students looking for placements back at home and local students that want to explore an international experience.

This is how Deusto Business School in Madrid has presented the portal to their students:

HigherEd deusio

How can your company benefit from the portal?
The portal will give the companies an access to an exclusive pool of three million outstanding international intern prospects, creating a unique opportunity to follow the students that are in their target groups throughout the lifecycle of their specific education and career paths. Tapping into a vast pool of selected quality graduate talent in one single place is at the heart of this initiative.