CEEMAN - 2017 Programmes

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CeemanProgramme Management Seminar - 5-7 April 2017 - Bled, Slovenia

This seminar is aimed at developing operational excellence in business schools and management development institutions and has educated so far close to 400 participants from 100 business schools in 40 countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This unique seminar is aimed at program managers in charge of delivery of educational programs. They will improve their skills related to the promotion and delivery of educational programs and learn about best practices in initiating, developing, organising, coordinating and streamlining program management processes and methodologies.

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MTA - International Management Teachers Academy - 11-12 June 2017 - Bled, Slovenia

CEEMAN International Management Teachers Academy (IMTA) provides a unique opportunity for young faculty to develop their curricula, course design, teaching materials and particularly teaching skills and methods. The program is heavily based on the case method, including teaching with cases, case writing, and performance evaluation and feedback to students. It is also designed to improve competences and skills integral to specific managerial disciplines, and provides input essential in other areas of a faculty member's professional life, such as consulting, institution development and administration, and social responsibility.

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