The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education

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Book Future of MBAStarting January 1st, Giselle Weybrecht, author of The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability is posting 100 examples of innovative sustainability programmes at business schools around the world over 100 days. The 100 examples coincide with the launch of, and are meant to be a complementary resource to, her latest book, The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education. The Future MBA explores how we could rethink business education to produce the leaders that our business and the planet need, particularly to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Business plays a key role in advancing the Global Goals, but business schools play an even more crucial, undervalued role in the successful long-run implementation. Business schools influence the people and decisions that impact the achieving the SDGs. Yet schools need to adapt and change their programs, and embed sustainability into their curricula to ensure that all of their graduates have a positive impact in their post-graduation careers. They also need to explore new, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches that focus on making research more impactful and curriculum more relevant.

The 100 examples will explore all aspects of business education, including curriculum, research, partnerships and campus activities. To follow the examples or to submit your own visit